Full Cycle Development
                                                                  Full Cycle Development

Full cycle development? The cause and the impact…

Amongst the multi-tiered services SoftGear offers is full cycle development. Broadly speaking, it involves the marketing of various products and services using digital technology and internet forums, and it falls under the jurisdiction of advertising. Furthermore, it involves actively working on business sites, which is crucial for the success of businesses these days.

 In technical terms, it is comprised of a detailed plan to structure or replace a particular software. In other words, an entire software shall be designed that would be dedicated to further your online business and/or maintain it, which falls under the expertise of SoftGear.
One of the ways SoftGear furthers full cycle development is search engine marketing. What it does is that it markets a business by the use of certain key words so that when a particular customer is looking up things to buy on the internet, advertisements for aforementioned products are exhibited alongside search results, which redirects customers to your product or site. It capitalizes on the customers’ decisive nature, feeding them content they’d be willing to pay for there and then. So, if you are a business looking for ways to expand your marketing arena, this would be the way to go, and this is where SoftGear comes in.

SoftGear also uses the strategy of search engine optimization to give customers what they want based on their previous search history. This is a particularly useful business tool if you are an online business that thrives on customer feedback and intel. The way SoftGear implements this strategy of search engine optimization is either through use of a mobile application designed for the particular store, or by having access to the stores’ online website, from where it derives previous records of purchases and presents products to the customers based on their interests.

Additionally, SoftGear indulges in internet advertising of various businesses through a tirade of forums, one of which is blog marketing. This is a value adding feature, as most businesses’ sites have to the point descriptions of its core values and organization’s mantra. To find out what really drives the business, a stakeholder would have to dig deeper or pay the organization a visit. This is where blogs come in. By having an active blogging platform, a business can indulge into the nitty gritties of its operations keeping in mind stakeholder responsiveness. SoftGear is adept in setting up these kinds of blogs.